giving the world
a helping hand

Accessing lower-priced upper prostheses for various segments of society.

Covering all the Syrian governorates needs for upper prostheses.

Enabling and enhancing the psyche of the people without limbs.

Merging amputees into their community.

Community acceptance of limbs amputees and changing society's view of prosthetic limbs.

about the company

smart hand company is a Syrian engineering company specialized in studying, designing, and creating upper prosthetics with 3D printing and 3D scanning technology; moreover, creating prothetics are completely manufactured with local hands and expertise. The company established two years and half ago and got the licensed on 25/4/2019. At smart hand company we perform to apply the standards of the Quality Management System specification ISO 9001, and The Social Responsibility specification 26000. We believe that everyone with an amputation has the right to independence and to have a prosthesis, regardless of gender, race, or religion. The main goal of the company is to enable amputees and enhance their psyche, and training them to return to their daily activities perfectly in order to be productive members instead of being consumers on their families particularly, and on their communities generally. So far, we have installed 145 prosthetic limbs according to the following:

who are we

A group of engineers, doctors, and specialist therapist launched from society's huge need for prosthetics, and the big lack in relevant authorities which works in the field of prosthetics. However, unofficial statistics indicate that there are more than 50 thousand cases of amputations in Syria due to the war in the country.

our vision

Integrating the medical sector with modern 3D printing technologies.

our message

Providing medical products manufactured in accordance with the latest 3D printing techniques that offer high functionality and at suitable prices.


We are currently working on the installation of upper and lower prosthetic limbs for the following amputations:

Finger amputation.

Amputation of the combs.

Amputation under the elbow.

Amputation over the elbow.

Lower amputation below the knee.

We also provide psychological and medical services to the infected, each according to his condition. Procedure's stages:

  1. Recipient

  2. Primary reception

  3. Medical referral

  4. Psychological referral

  5. Support and treatment

  6. Engineering team

  7. Prostheses

We are also working to provide community awareness for healthy people through workshops targeting healthy people to accept amd merge people with disabilities into society.

Working techniques

Our company is the first company which insert 3D printing technology in the field of prosthetic limbs in syria,and the producing limbs are distinguished by these technologies compared to traditional limbs by:


We use low-specific bio plastics.

Mobility (functional)

All our productive limbs are functional, allowing the patient to move the hand and grasp, by mechanically transmitting movement from the remaining living part of the hand to the prosthesis.

Maintenance and follow-up

Ease of maintenance and reduce its costs because the production is completely local, and for children, their rapid growth requires a change in the size of the limb at a rate of once a year, and this can be done easily and at a low cost in our company.


Our limbs provide good ventilation through the presence of ventilation holes distributed on the limb in an ergonomically shaped manner, which allows the patient to wear the hand for long periods.

Low price

Compared with imported prostheses, our limb costs are about 90% lower.

Future prospects